Island Dive Sites

Shark Gutter

Description: Located at the northern end of the Island. The shark gutter runs north/sorth for aproximately 100 metres, to a maximum depth of 40 metres. Care should always be taken at this site due to the depth and current which can catch-out the unwary diver.

During the months of December to April, resident Grey Nurse Sharks can be seen. Reports of as many as 20 sharks have been made.

As part of the newly formed Batemans Marine Park, this location has been desinated a Habitat Protection Zone. No scuba diving is permitted between sunset and sunrise.

Fish Species: - Grey Nurse Shark, Wobbegong and Port Jackson Sharks, Fiddler Ray.

Dive Skill Level: Advanced Open Water due to current and depth

Minimum depth: 8 metres

Maximum Depth: 40 metres


Bubble Cave

Description: The Bubble Cave is not a true cave but a large rocky overhang that traps divers bubbles. A large crack through the rock hides species such as Wirrah, Bullseyes and Stripeys.

You will need your torch to really appreciate this dive.The rock face below the cave drops to the sand at 28metres. Down this wall is an ideal place to search for Nudibranchs.

Many different types and colours can be found by the diver with a keen eye. This is a macro photographers dream.To the north of the Bubble Cave (approx 30mtrs) is a large bombie standing approx 12 metres high. Schooling Old Wives love this bombie.

Fish Species: - Blue Groper and a variety of schooling species.

Dive Skill Level: Open Water to the cave and Advanced Open Water to the sand.

Minimum Depth: - 8 metres

Maximum Depth: - 28 metres

Lighthouse Bay

Description: Located on the eastern side of Montague Island is Lighthouse Bay. This bay is one of our favourite dive sites at the Island.

Unfortunately, access to this bay is weather dependent. Large sea swells at both the northern and southern ends of the Island can make access difficult.

Once at this site, the diver will be rewarded with large boulders which create many swim throughs along the northern wall. These swim throughs have been formed by large boulders breaking away from the island.

This dive can include The Grotto which is at the northern corner of Lighthouse Bay. Divers should make sure the have sufficient air to attempt combining Lighthouse Bay and The Grotto as this dive will take approx 1 hour to complete.

Fish Species: All common reef species known to Montague Island.

Dive Skill Level: Open Water

Minimum Depthe: - 8 metres

Maximum Depth: - 5 metres


Old Steamer Wharf

Description: The Old Steamer Wharf is located just south of the currently used wharf.

A shallow dive with some remains of the old wharf still visible. Shallow canyons run north/south with plenty of fish life. At the right time of the year, Nautilus shells have been found at this site.

Fish Species: - Schooling species such as Old Wives, Yellow Tails, Common Bullseye, Damsel, Leather Jacket, Eastern Rock Cod. Larger species such as Port Jackson Shark, Red, Banded and Blue Morwong, Fiddler Ray and common Rays.

Dive Skill Level: Open Water

Minimum Depth: - 5 metres

Maximum Depth: - 10 metres


The Pinnacles

Description: Located between The Seals and The Bubble Cave is the dive site known as The Pinnacles. Several rocky pinnacles rise from the sea floor at this location. This causes the current to swirl and is a popular spot for schooling and pelagic fish varieties. Commonly spotted here during the warmer months are Yellowtail Kingfish.

Caution should be taken at The Pinnacles as strong currents frequent the site.

Fish Species: -

Dive Skill Level: Open Water

Minimum Depth: - 8 metres

Maximum Depth: - 20 metres



The Seals

Description: The most popular dive site at Montague Island. Accessible all year round as it is well protected from prevailing wind and sea conditions.

 Interact with the friendly seals as they twist and turn to the delight of divers of all skill levels. Don't dive here without a camera. Kelp beds cover large rocky areas with a full range of fish species available.

Fish Species: - Playful Seals

Dive Skill Level: Open Water

Minimum Depth: - 8 metres

Maximum Depth: - 18 metres



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